Various needs, one solution...

Standard or innovative tests? In lab or at home? Data acquisition and/or analysis?

TimeSens can do it for you!


TimeSens is a full solution for sensory data acquisition and analyses.


Software As A Service

TimeSens requires no installation*, no server. Quarterly updates ensure an always up-to-date software.

*TimeSens for Panel Leader requires the Silverlight plug-in.

Easy to use

TimeSens offers an intuitive user interface. Regular or innovative sessions can be created in a few click, then fully customized.


Runs everywhere

TimeSens runs on all devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones), on all OS, online or offline. The panelists just need a modern browser: sessions can be run in lab or at home.

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Various protocols

TimeSens implements the TDS and all its variants, but also regular protocols such as descriptive analyses, CATA, triangle tests...


Clever statistics

TimeSens requires no statistical background to run analyses. Outputs are easy to interpret and ready to integrate in reports.


Software as a service

In order to use TimeSens, the Panel Leader have to take out a one year subscription. It allows him to create and deploy sessions, or to import and analyze an unlimited amount of data for one year.

To download data, the Panel Leader must order then consume tokens, one token corresponding to the data generated by one panelist for a session of 24 hours.

FREE per 30 days
  • To discover TimeSens
  • Unlimited statistical analyses
  • Limited to 20 tokens
Full price
500 per 1 year
  • For countries not eligible to low cost
  • Unlimited statistical analyses
  • From €1/token
Low price
250 per 1 year
FREE per 1 year
  • Teaching purpose only
  • Unlimited statistical analyses
  • Free tokens


* TimeSens account required - Login


TimeSens for Panel Leader*

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TimeSens for Panelist

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R package*

Download the R package for sensory profile analysis: CAP table, CVA, ...


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Read the frequently asked questions


Read on-line documentation for TimeSens for Panel Leader


Read on-line help for data analysis with TimeSens

* TimeSens account required - Login

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If you have any question about the software, do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide additional services such as training, consulting or full sensory prestations with the help of our partner SensoStat.



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